Coconut and White Chocolate Mousse Shots

Last weekend we celebrated my Dad's birthday with a small family gathering. Now my Dad isn't much of a cake person and my family tries not to eat too many large desserts so I put on my thinking cap here is a wonderful dessert that provides that touch of sweetness to cap off a meal without a lot of guilt afterwards. Luckily I made extras because my nephews weren't content with one and ended up having two each! The blend of white chocolate and coconut is a match made in heaven but the vanilla bean paste just elevates the flavor to a whole new level,

You can easily double or triple up if you are having a large gathering and because the mousse is quite liquid-like until it sets, it is really easy to pour and transfer into the glasses which I absolutely love.

I always find it much easier to melt my chocolate in a microwave but you can do it in a double boiler or a large bowl set to sit over a large saucepan of simmering water and melt it the good old fashioned way too! When microwaving always stir between bursts as sometimes the chocolate may be melted but still holds it's shape.

I just used liquor glasses that hold 95ml / 3 ounces. Big enough to get a teaspoon into and the perfect size to cap of a wonderful meal.


250g | 9 ounce block white chocolate, broken up for melting

270ml | 9 ounces coconut milk (I used light coconut milk)

300g |10.5 ounces thickened cream

1 + 1/2 teaspoon vanilla bean paste

3/4 teaspoon coconut essence

2 egg whites


  1. Place the white chocolate in a large glass microwave safe bowl and gently melt in 45 second bursts, checking each time to ensure the chocolate does not burn. Stir until smooth and then add the coconut milk and set aside OR place the chocolate and milk in a large heat-proof bowl and place over a large saucepan of hot, simmering water, stirring until melted and then set aside.

  2. In a medium sized bowl, beat the cream until soft peaks form and then add the vanilla bean paste and coconut essence and when done, gently fold into the chocolate mixture.

  3. In a small, clean bowl whisk the egg whites until peaks form. Once done, gently fold into the chocolate mixture.

  4. Gently pour the mixture into a measuring jug and pour into your shot glasses or serving dishes.

  5. Cover with plastic wrap or place in a large airtight container and allow to set for several hours or preferably overnight.