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Homemade Marshmallows

Marshmallows | Eat In Style by Feritta

Fluffy sweet pillows of happy childhood memories - that's what springs to mind when I think of these delicious homemade marshmallows and when my sweet little nephew specially asked me to make his favorite "Maa-mallow" how could I refuse?

Despite what I thought, they are surprisingly easy to make when you have a good stand mixer which does most of the hard work for you. I must say I am partial to the marshmallows covered in dark chocolate and tossed in coconut - it is a bit more work then just dusting with coconut but well worth it!


  • These marshmallows will easily store in your fridge for a month if kept in an air-tight container - if they last that long

  • Use different flavoring essences to give your marshmallows different flavors.

  • If only coating your marshmallows with coconut you can place the coconut in a clear resealable snap-lock bag or small air-tight container, pop a few marshmallows in at a time and simply seal, shake and remove, continuing until all your marshmallows are done.

  • If you are too busy to coat these marshmallows in coconut or chocolate just dust in cornflour for a finish similar to store bought marshmallows

  • If you choose to do a mix of both plain coconut and the coconut/chocolate coated marshmallows be sure to coat the plain coconut marshmallows first and set aside so you do not not "muddy" the white coconut with the chocolate.

  • When you get to the chocolate stage, simply melt your chocolate in the microwave on medium heat, in 30 second bursts to ensure it doesn't burn.

YOU WILL NEED 1+1/2 cups caster sugar

2 tablespoons gelatin powder

2/3 + 2/3 cup hot water (I just boil mine in the kettle and use that) 1 teaspoon vanilla extract 1/2 teaspoon strawberry essence

Coating 2 cups desiccated coconut

Or/And 200g | 7 ounces melted chocolate (this can easily be done in the microwave) METHOD

  1. Grease and fully line a large rectangular pan (23cm x 30cm / 9 inch x 12 inch) and ensure there is an overhang of paper you can easily pull it out later to remove the set marshmallow from the pan as it will be very sticky until coated.

  2. In a medium saucepan combine the caster sugar and 2/3 of a cup hot water and cook over medium heat, stirring gently until the sugar dissolves and the water looks clear.

  3. In a mug mix the gelatin with 2/3 cup of water and whisk it with a fork or mini whisk until the gelatin is fully dissolved with no visible powder remaining.

  4. Pour the gelatin mixture into the sugar syrup and stir for 2-3 minutes or until the gelatin is fully dissolved and the mixture once again looks clear.

  5. Pour mixture into your stand mixer and allow to cool to room temperature, this will take about 30-40 minutes.

  6. Once cooled, beat mixture at medium-high speed for 7-10 minutes or until very thick and glossy. Add vanilla extract and strawberry essence and beat for another minute.

  7. Pour into prepared baking pan and smooth the top if necessary with a spatula and allow to set for an hour at room temperature.

  8. Using the baking paper, lift out the entire set marshmallow mixture onto a board and using a wet knife cut the marshmallow to the size you would like. You will need to re-wet the knife every couple of cuts to keep stickiness at bay, so keep a tall glass of water beside you so you can keep dipping your knife in.

  9. Place the desiccated coconut and the melted chocolate into two separate small mixing bowls.

  10. If only using coconut, continue adding the chopped marshmallow pieces, a few at a time, into your coconut and tossing until they are all coated. Set aside on a plate or in a container lined with baking paper.

  11. If using the chocolate and coconut, coat with the chocolate first (I use two forks to help toss and coat the marshmallows) and then toss in the coconut. Set aside on a plate or container lined with baking paper and allow to the chocolate to set before eating.


Tried this recipe? Tag @eatinstylebyferitta or #eatinstylebyferitta so I can see your creations and show you some love ♥

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