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Review of Woll Diamond Plus Pans

As a foodie, you quickly realize that choosing the right equipment and tools for your kitchen can save you time, money and most importantly your sanity! That is why I am so excited to share this post with you.

So I was in desperate need of a new non-stick frying pan or two. Now, that might seem like a pretty simple task but how many times have you bought a non-stick pan that just doesn’t live up to the task at hand? Instead of a beautiful fillet of fish, you get a mashed up broken mess because the fish stuck to the pan or your sunny side up fried egg looks more like the scene from a horror film? Okay, maybe I am exaggerating a little but you get my point.

After getting tired of the results I was getting with my current pans, I decided to find out what makes the ultimate non-stick frying pan. Basically you want a few simple but essential things:

  1. That it does what it says it will do - cook your food without sticking

  2. That it is value for money

  3. That the non-stick coating will last as long as the manufacturer says it will

  4. You should be able to talk to experienced staff about your particular needs

  5. That is doesn't contain harmful chemicals

So I headed to my friends at Kitchen Witch Stores Joondalup, who I guest blog for as well, in search of a non-stick pan to find a pan that would suit my needs. Now I’m familiar with the high reputation of WOLL but have never actually owned or used one myself.

So what does the manufacturer say about the WOLL Diamond Plus pans?

The new generation of diamond-reinforced non-stick cookware with an additional application for extreme durability, plus real diamonds in the cooking surface allow for:

  1. Extreme heat distribution

  2. Extreme durability

  3. Extreme non-stick surface

  4. WOLL’s advanced hand case technology guarantees no cracking or warping

  5. Robotic and computerized application guarantees no blisters, bubbles or peeling

  6. Oven safe up to 260°C/500°F (once you remove detachable handle)

  7. Metal utensil and dishwasher safe

  8. Optional see-through vented glass covers

  9. PFOA (the bad stuff) free

  10. Ergonomic and detachable handles with brass inserts eliminate loose assembly

  11. Cast by hand

On top of all these handy facts, several of the staff raved about how much they loved their WOLL pans and how they used all the time and hey, if it's good enough for Gordon Ramsey, it's good enough for anyone! I was sold and ended up purchasing both the 28cm and 32cm WOLL Diamond Plus non-stick pans and the best part was that the pans were on sale. You can buy the lids separately if you want as well.

So now the big question, how did they work? In one word - BRILLIANTLY! And while I first used these for my Mum's Parsi Cutlets, they cook fried eggs beautifully with only a touch of oil for flavor. Also these pans are great because their detachable handle lets you finish of your cooking in the oven and it is also great when you are short on table space and don't want a big handle in the way.

Look at these beauties!

Cutlets frying in Woll Pan

I ensured that I kept the heat on my gas burner around medium (as you should never use high heat on your non-stick pans as they will break down the non-stick surface over time) and added some rice bran oil the pan and allowed it to heat up. Once the oil was ready I added Mum's Parsi Cutlets (coated in breadcrumbs and egg) and began the shallow frying process. They browned beautifully on both sides.

While the manufacturer says you can use metal utensils in their pans, it is generally better for your pans if you use non-metal utensils. Another thing I loved about these pans is that normally when I shallow fry foods like these the oil splatters but because of the WOLL pan’s technology and ability to cook effectively at lower temperatures this problem was eliminated and saved a lot of time and hassle on the clean up!

I am in love with these pans and I would definitely recommend them if you are after a high performance non-stick pan that does what is says it will do.

I have not been paid for this review and all opinions expressed are my own.

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