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Parsi Chicken Farcha Bites

There is something about succulent chicken which is oh-so-hard to resist and this deliciously easy Parsi Chicken Farcha Bites recipe. Traditionally fried, this version of Parsi fried chicken is baked, but I promise you, it is right up there with the best.

Parsi Chicken Farcha Bites

Chicken Farcha With a Twist - Baked Not Fried (But no one will ever know!)

Parsis love chicken and anything fried, so Chicken Farcha is a Parsi favourite often enjoyed on special occasions due to its indulgent taste. Traditionally, it is prepared on the bone and coated in a delicious egg batter. However today we are doing things a little differently and as much as I love fried chicken this is an easier, boneless, bite-sized, healthier baked version - but I promise you won’t miss the deep frying at all because the taste is AMAZING!

The Secret Hack to Tender Chicken Breasts Every Time!

I’ve used chicken breast for this recipe as it is easier to cut into cubes and there is a secret hack to ensuring succulent breast meat every time:

For SUPER tender chicken breasts use about one teaspoon of baking soda on each chicken breast, ensuring the baking soda covers the entire piece. Cover and set aside in the fridge for 20-25 minutes. Once the time is up, rinse under running water THOROUGHLY washing off all the baking soda and continue to use the chicken as you normally would in your recipe. You can use this method to tenderise your chicken for all types of cooking including baking, frying, grilling etc.  

Versatile Chicken Recipe

This is a versatile recipe that works as both an appetiser or as part of a main meal. Busy hostesses and mums take note - ­this recipe can be made a day ahead, stored in the fridge in an airtight container overnight, and reheated in the grill or oven before serving.

As an appetiser it is perfect to serve as is or with a dipping sauce and for a complete meal it works well with rice dishes, dhals and fresh katchumbar (onion salad).

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  • You can also use thigh meat if you prefer as it is a juicy cut of meat and hard to dry out

  • You can use this same recipe and simply shallow or deep fry the chicken until cooked

  • I used toasted breadcrumbs for this recipe but you could use panko breadcrumbs instead.

  • If you want more crunch, after baking, give the chicken a few extra minutes under the grill to crisp up even more

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