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Healthy Spelt Pikelets (Mini Pancakes)

Looking for a quick-to-make and delicious snack, breakfast or on-the-go treat? In less than 20 minutes you can whip up these yummy Healthy Spelt Pikelets that are filled with nutritious ingredients. Healthy never tasted so good!


These adorable Healthy Spelt Pikelets are smaller than your traditional pancakes but provide the perfect portion size and a guilt-free way to enjoy this nostalgic and comforting treat thanks to a bounty of healthy ingredients including gut-friendly spelt flour, nut milk and coconut yogurt, hooray!

I am not exaggerating when I claim that my niece requests these almost every time she comes over and I don't blame her, they are damn tasty! I will often whip up a batch if I'm having guests over for afternoon tea because they are so simple and quick to whip up - and never disappoint!

If you are a busy health-conscious mum, this is the PERFECT for you - everything gets popped into one bowl (so less cleanup), they are a crowd please, they travel great and are perfect to pop into lunch boxes, or enjoyed after school. They can even be served as part of a fun, healthy breakfast or brunch platter - they are just so freaking versatile!

Even though this recipe uses gut-friendly spelt flour and no dairy, you would never know it. Dare I say, it might even taste better than its white-flour, milk-based sibling. (Oh yes I did go there). And as we (me and the hubby) are doing our best to eliminate empty carbs so this recipe can be easily worked into my meal plans as an occasional treat - winning!


  • BEST HACK EVER - use a flat surface sandwich press to make these - you get a gorgeous, even cook every single time!

  • Yes, you can use plain flour and regular milk/yogurt if you prefer. If you use self-raising flour - just remember to nix the baking powder as your self-raising flour will already have it.

  • Pop a mashed banana into the batter and mix through for yummy banana pikelets!

  • Add some dark chocolate chips or blueberries for some extra yummy healthy goodness. I would sprinkle a few over the top of the batter before flipping them during the cook.

  • You should have a nice, creamy thick but pourable batter, if not, add a little more flour if you need to thicken or milk if you need to thin down the batter a touch.

  • There should be NO RESISTANCE when you go to flip your pikelet, if you feel even a hint of resistance, wait a little longer before turning.

  • A quarter-cup measure helps me to pour even quantities every time.

  • If using a non-stick pan to make your pikelets, wipe with a kitchen towel before starting to ensure you get perfectly cooked pikelets from the start.

The traditional Aussie way to enjoy pikelets is with jam and butter/whipped cream however I like to mix things up with honey and real maple syrup (my personal favourite) and an extra dollop of grass-fed butter - that sweet/salty combination on top of these fluffy babies is oh so good. However you choose to enjoy these, I hope they bring you the same joy that I get sharing these with the people I love.


1 ½ cups spelt flour

2 teaspoons baking powder

1 egg

1 ¼ cups almond, oat, coconut, or your preferred milk

2 tablespoons coconut yogurt (you can use regular yogurt)

3 rounded tablespoons of coconut sugar, jaggery powder, panela or raw sugar

2 teaspoons vanilla essence OR 1 teaspoon vanilla extract


  1. If using a large smooth surface sandwich press (which I highly recommend) turn it on to preheat.

  2. Add the flour and baking powder to a large mixing bowl and mix to combine.

  3. Add the egg, milk, yogurt, sugar and vanilla essence and mix into a smooth batter - a whisk works well.

  4. If using a good quality non-stick pan, preheat your pan to medium-high heat.

  5. Add just under 1/4 cup spoons of batter at a time, leaving space for spreading. Once bubbles appear on the surface of your pikelets, use a flat non-stick spatula/utensil to flip your pikelets and cook for another 30 seconds to a minute. Set aside on a plate. Repeat until the mixture is all used. When they are springy to the touch they are cooked.

  6. Serve warm just as they are, or top with your preferred combination of delicious butter, honey, maple syrup, cream and jam.

MAKES 12-13


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