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Speedy Parsi Ravo

My Speedy Parsi Ravo Recipe is a celebration of tradition with a twist! This delightful dish is perfect for your Parsi celebrations, bringing warmth and joy to your breakfast table in minutes!

Parsi Ravo Recipe | Eat In Style by Feritta

Spend Less Time Cooking But Enjoy All The Flavour!

Cooking should be fun and stress-free, especially when you have a busy schedule. My Speedy Parsi Ravo Recipe is based on this philosophy. Inspired by my mum, the queen of cooking shortcuts, this recipe retains the essence of the traditional Parsi Ravo while saving you precious time. Ready to dive into a quick, delicious breakfast or snack? Let’s get started!

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Do You Love A Great Cooking Hack? Me Too!

While traditional homemade ravo requires you to patiently stand and stir and boil down the milk for quite some time, my hack, using ready-made pouring custard, acts as the base, combining milk, eggs, and sugar in one convenient ingredient for a simplified recipe that still retains all the flavour! Refrigerated custard has a thinner/looser consistency better suited to this recipe than shelf-stable custard which tends to be thicker. During the cooking process the semolina and custard cook together and thicken naturally. I used Brooklea Vanilla Custard for this recipe that I picked up from Aldi in the refrigerated section.

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Ravo Is a Special Parsi Dish

Ravo is traditionally served on special occasions and to celebrate festive occasions like birthdays, anniversaries or the start of something special within the family. Ravo is best described as a semolina and milk pudding. While many families have their own version of this recipe, this one is definitely up there with easy, delicious and authentic in flavour.

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Have You Heard of Charoli?

Traditional ravo is often served garnished with an assortment of nuts, sultanas and roasted/shallow fried charoli (aka chironji seeds or almondettes). These nutty seeds really add a touch of something special, so use them if you can! You can find charoli at your Indian grocery store. Fun fact, charoli are a good protein source, relatively low-fat, quite nutritious and used extensively in ayurvedic medicine.

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