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Walnut Crescent Cookies

The new star to your holiday cookie lineup! It's time to welcome my Walnut Crescent Cookies into your home. A delightful simple recipe that will become your holiday baking tradition.

Walnut Cookies - Eat in Style by Feritta

So Many Holiday Celebrations To Eat & Enjoy

December and Jan are a very social time for me. There are Christmas, New Year's, birthdays and anniversaries galore so there is a lot of fun, eating and good memories to make when this time of year rolls around. I love how good food brings everyone together and nothing says the holidays like fresh homemade cookies shared with loved ones!

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Your New Favourite Holiday Cookie Awaits!

For many years now, my holiday celebrations require the customary serving of a delicious assortment of homemade cookies, including my Dad’s and hubby’s favourite Hazelnut Cresent Cookies as well as my ever-popular and moreish Cranberry Ginger and Pistachio Cookies but today we have a new kid on the block – my light as a feather Walnut Crescent Cookies.

Simplicity Is Key

This recipe can be made up in one bowl for quick and easy clean-up and the flavours of walnut, cinnamon and Irish cream complement each other beautifully in these buttery, wholesome cookies perfect to be enjoyed alone or served alongside a lovely mug of tea, coffee or hot chocolate.

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Share the Joy of Walnut Crescent Cookies

Your holiday celebrations will now be complete with these light, wonderful Walnut Crescent Cookies. Share the joy by gifting them in jars and boxes to family and friends. These treats are not just cookies; they're a gesture of love and festive cheer.

These cookies are simple and easy and will have everyone wanting more!

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