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Introducing My Mum & Co-Blogger Mama Vil

I am so excited because my Mum Vil, has agreed to be a co-blogger right here on Eat In Style by Feritta. I have been asking her for years to write down her recipes for me so you have no idea how big a deal this really is!

Family members and friends are ALWAYS asking for her recipes and wanting to know when she will be releasing her own cookbook and for good reason - her food is so freaking awesome and she is also a whiz at making foods healthier so you can enjoy your food and feel better for it.

My Mum has been a huge inspiration in my food journey and even when she worked full-time she always ensured that nutritious and delicious meals were on the family table. I am so glad that together we can share dishes from our Parsi cuisine and history with you.

She has never really needed a recipe book to create awesome dishes so I am here to make sure her recipes are tried and tested so you get the same awesome flavors when you try her recipes at home - these are recipes that I have grown up with and I promise you, once you try her yumalicious dishes you too will be coming back for seconds and thirds.

Why not check out her amazing simple yet delicious Parsi Sev recipe here which is a very special and festive dish in our culture. It is always served on auspicious and happy occasions like birthdays, anniversaries, new year etc. What you don't know, is that my Mum has always kept the recipe TOP SECRET, sharing it with no one but me (and I was sworn to secrecy too) but she is finally ready to share it with the world right here on Eat In Style by Feritta - lucky us!

Here's a few words from my Mama Vil...

Hi, I'm Vil and I'm thrilled to say that I'll be sharing my recipes with you via this wonderful blog my multi-talented daughter Feritta has designed. Hasn't she done a great job? I really am so proud of her!

As a mother and wife providing tasty and healthy food has always been my priority and living in a country like Australia gives us access to so much good quality food and produce too which is just wonderful.

I can remember as a little girl growing up in Mumbai, how much I enjoyed watching my paternal grandmother, mum, as well as her own aunts cook. They would hover about the kitchen preparing a feast of food (that is the Parsi way!) that always turned out absolutely delicious. Everyone who demolished their mouthwatering morsels could not get enough of them! Many a time my mum would shoo me out of the kitchen and tell me to go and study, and while I would obey her for a little while, I would soon be back to watch them chopping and grinding and mixing and blending the various ingredients laid out on the kitchen bench-top. I always found it just so fascinating!

I have learned a great deal from all of them and today, according to my family and friends - especially my daughter, the food I cook is also quite delightful. I look forward to sharing my recipes here with you and I do hope you will enjoy cooking and eating them also.

Bon appetite - Mama Vil!

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